sel san

Hi my readers!

A very warm welcome to the diary blog SANSELSQUARE!

My name is San Sel, you can call me SEL. I live in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Now I am a media management major. I am thinking about going into media institution. The more I think about going to the filed reporting the news , the more I realize I would be better being a journalist. To keep my writing stays alive, I choose to blog. I blog about my social life: events or parties I joined, places I traveled, and culture I enjoyed. I love art and cooking.

I also have some work experience with print media, broadcast media, and multimedia. I have been a reporter for a leading local newspaper The Phnom Penh Post. I have authored numerous articles about various issues from education to environment. Furthermore, I have worked independently with Radio Free Asia, Khmer Service as a news correspondent the provinces to cover coal-fired power plant project, land dispute issue, fishery community and national election. Last summer, I have grafted in the Philippines at Rappler as a news reporter and scriptwriter for video reports.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT SAN SEL

  1. What a cool blog! You make me want to blog. Actually, i run a personal blog before, but it’s dead now. Thanks for bring me back the writing habit. 🙂


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